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The warforged were created by the Elders in structures called creation forges. They were built to be the Elders’ footsoldiers, but after the Cataclysm they were freed from their servitude. According to legend, some warforged from the days of the Elders still exist and have created a haven for their kind at the site of an operational creation forge. This is probably just wistful talk on the part of Durshkalan warforged who suffer prejudice and often servitude.

Almost all warforged in Durshkal were produced in the city-state of Forgehome, which grew up around a (mostly) functional creation forge. Much of Forgehome’s economy revolves around manufacturing warforged to sell into slavery or lease as mercenaries.

Warforged Abilities:
Warforged construction makes them very durable and physically capable.

+2 Constitution, +2 Strength or +2 Dexterity

Warforged Backgrounds

Earned Freedom:
You were an indentured servant or slave, but through your dedication and hard work you convinced your master to grant you your freedom. Are you proud of your accomplishments or do you feel you sold yourself out? Do you respect or loathe the master who gave you your freedom? Did you manipulate your master or win his/her admiration?

Associated Skills: Bluff or Diplomacy and Insight

Escaped Slave:
You were sold into servitude after your creation, but you managed to escape.

Associated Skills: Stealth and Streetwise

You were created at a hidden creation forge run by warforged, and your fellow warforged taught you ancient knowledge possessed by your forbearers. Are you protective of your knowledge or boastful about your heritage? How do you see your brethren who were “born” into servitude?

Associated Skills: Arcana and History

Incomplete Creation:
Sometimes the Forgehome Creation Forge malfunctions and the resulting warforged are thrown into the slums to die. But you didn’t die. You survived. And you found a way to fix whatever parts of yourself were damaged or incomplete. How do you feel about your survival? Do you see it as proof of your resilience or are you still self-conscious of your flaws? Are you happy that your rejection freed you from servitude or do you struggle to feel valued?

Associated Skills: Arcana and Endurance

You were a lowly laborer in Forgehome until a band of free warforged attacked your work site and rescued you from servitude. How do you feel about this? Do you revel in your new freedom, or do you feel lost without someone telling you what to do?

Associated Skills: Athletics and Endurance

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