Geographic Regions

The Durshkalan Empire

—The Empire controls a vast swath of wilderness dotted with towns and cities under imperial control.

Coastal City-States

—Merchant cities along the coast where magic is legal but licensed and strictly controlled by mage guilds. In exchange for freedom to operate as they wish, the city-states pay tribute to the empire and allow the Cowled to pursue rogue mages with no guild affiliation.


Located in the heavily spellscarred coastal ruins of the Elder City, this city-state was built around a still functioning warforged production facility

East Spire

A coastal city state built around an enormous Elder tower topped with a free floating crystal, this city is dominated by competing merchants guild including the mercenary Fixers’ Guild

Elder City

—Formerly a vast metropolis, this expanse of ruins is an unpredictable wilderness with its own unique geography.

Knochten Mountains

—older mountains, home to dwarves and goliaths

Iron Fang Mountains

—young volcanic mountains home to minotaurs and orcs

The Sea Spine Isles

—volcanic archipelago home to dragonborn

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Geographic Regions

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