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The World of Korla

About two thousand years ago a cataclysm fueled by arcane magic unleashed mystical storms that ravaged the world and destroyed civilization. A centuries-long winter followed and the few survivors of the Cataclysm were reduced to ragged bands of scavengers struggling to get by. Much of the natural world has since recovered, blanketing the land in wilderness and reclaiming the ruins of ancient cities.

Now the peoples are slowly slowly rebuilding after a long Dark Age. Many of the new settlements that have grown out of the wild have been built on, around, and in the ruins left by the whatever civilization once commanded enough arcane power to craft these magnificent structures prior to the Cataclysm. Very little is known about the people who created these ruins, who are simply known as The Elders.

What people do know is that Elders’ arcane magic somehow caused the Cataclysm. Now arcane magic is labeled witchcraft, and it is persecuted relentlessly.

Elements of the World:

Spellscars: In many places the arcane energies of the Cataclysm still saturate and corrupt the land. This magical fallout twists living things and produces a wide range of unpredictable magical effects. Creatures and and people exposed to the unstable magic of spellscarred regions risk becoming spellscarred themselves.

The Empire of Durshkal: The empire is still relatively young and expanding. They have brought greater safety and stability to Korla. Though much of the land remains wilderness, imperial settlements are well protected. Most Durshkalans also feel safer knowing the empire is dedicated to combating the practice of witchcraft.

Witchcraft: Arcane magic is almost universally feared and mistrusted in Korla. The Cowled, the Durshkalan Empire’s sinister witch-hunters, track down rogue arcanists within the Empire and beyond. Only a few options are available to avoid capture.

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