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All genasi started their lives as humans born into the artisan of Bael Nerath. Some volunteered to go through the ritual that would infuse them with energy drawn from the Elemental Chaos. Becoming a genasi was their only means of elevating themselves out of artisan caste. Some did it to make a better life for their family while others craved the prestige. Other’s had no choice. Criminals are sometimes offered the chance to submit themselves to the genasi creation ritual in lieu imprisonment or execution. Whether criminal or unsuccessful artisan, all genasi were once at the very bottom of Bael Nerath’s social structure.

The process of transforming a human into a genasi is incredibly painful and potentially fatal. Those who do survive the metamorphoses are made sterile by the process, and many genasi strive to leave a legacy of loyal service to the empire in place of the children they cannot have. Furthermore, most genasi are deeply grateful for the chance at a new, more prestigious life as an imperial soldier. After all, genasi are second only to the tieflings in the Nerathi caste system. Genasi dissenters quickly learn to hide their resentment for the cast system that repressed them in the first place, but the colonization of Korla has inspired some of these dissenters with the hope of escaping Nerathi society and experiencing true freedom rather than comfortable, prestigious servitude.

Genasi Abilities:
The process of creating genasi gifts warriors with increased strength, mental acuity, and toughness.

+2 Intelligence, +2 Strength or +2 Constitution

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